Water Softener

We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of Water Softener. This product is utilized in different sectors like laundries, hospitals, chemical manufacturing unit, pigment manufacturing factories, textile mills, dye wash factories, power plants, hotels, restaurants, ice plants and steam ships manufacturing units. The Water Softener is available in vertical or cylindrical shaped shell and it is equipped with necessary components like hand hole, charging hole and perforated bed support plate. The filter part of our product can be attached to pipe line and valves. Its filter part contains high polystyrene base resin in sodium form. These resins are effective in absorbing calcium and magnesium present in raw water and these are exhausted after producing a specific amount of soft water. These resins require regeneration with 5 to 10 % common salt solution. Some necessary information about this product include –

I. In case raw water contains iron more than 0,3 ppm as Fe, an Iron Removal Filter must be installed before a Softener. This is to avoid iron fouling of Ion Exchange Resin in softener and ultimately capacity loss.
2. Specific gravity of brine solution must be checked from time to time.

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